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Altayib Ahmed Altayib Abukassawi Ali Ahmed was born in Algazira State, Sudan, in 1974. He received the BSc. Degree in computer science from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sudan, and the PGD in IT with specialization in e-business from International Institute of Information Technology, India 2003, And MSc. In IT from SUST with same specialization as of the PGD 2009. In 1998, he joined the Agricultural Bank of Sudan as a software developer and then in 1999 joined SUST as a Software Engineer and Teaching Assistance and finally Lecturer during this period he held many position firstly head of the Software Department, and then deputy manager of the Computer Center, and deputy dean for IT of Academic Affair Deanship, then he moved to Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning as Director General of the Information and Communication Technology. Altayib also is a member of Federal Information Coordination Council, board of the National Information Center, board of Sudan Information Development Fund, Electronic payment mechanism, and many committees related to the government ICT activities, in addition to some professional and voluntary associations
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Allieu Moigboi Allieu Moigboi Procurement Officer allieu2015@gmail.com/ allieu.moigboi@epa-sl.org +23278010588 Professional Background Allieu is a Procurement Officer within EPA that is responsible for Procurement related activities. He has over seven years experience in Procurement, Logistics and supply chain, both within the private and public sectors.. He has a proven track record of analyzing, improving, and transforming organizations through processes and delivering sustainable cost savings for the organization. His areas of focus include Sourcing and Procurement, Contract Management, Supplier Performance & Risk Management, Inventory Management. Education Bsc (Hons) – Business Administration, University of Sierra Leone(IPAM) MBA – University of Sierra Leone CIPS level 4 Diploma Professional Membership & Certification Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (Student Member)
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Amitsinh Vaghela Founder Director of Earth Carbon, online portal for climate change solutions . Measuring ,Managing and minimising are three base pillars for any climate change problem. We provide online programs where customer can measure there footprint, adopt solutions suiting their budgets. All solutions installed, monitored and maintained online. We follow CDM methodologies, SDG Goals, Local Country INDC's & Certifications to encourage customers in participating local to global initiative. Customer can say good bye to local grid, sewage and water connections from local authorities. This services becomes secondary in long run.