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Questions on e-Catalogs

Dear members,


The following questions have been raised during the PPKEP Virtual Platform on e-Catalogs and can lead to interesting discussions, pleaseshare your thoughts or experiences:


  1. Notebook as a customizable item - is e-Catalog flexible enough to adopt this type of product, or just list of item-price is the essence?
  2. IT field is very dynamic and the specifications of the product change so rapidly.  Who should revise the specifications in the catalogue?  Is there any software which allows suppliers to change or who is managing the catalogue?
  3. Who prepares and manages the e-Catalogs, are they supplier managed or agency managed?
  4. How are the efficiency in the price of the items that are catalogued and decreases in procurement costs measured as e-Catalog seems to be used for “Direct Purchase” ?
  5. How are the qualifications of tenderers are evaluated over the system? Does the system have linkages to other e-government applications to receive info about qualifications of suppliers?



  • The response from the Romanian Digital Agenda Agency for the questions 3-5, is the following:


    3.The e-catalogue is prepared and manage by every supplier

    4. When contracting authority wants to buy something using “Direct acquisition” verify the e-catalogue of the supplier and buy the one who respect the conditions, price and desire of authority. Can be also done a negotiation between contracting authority and supplier during the transaction

    5. There is no evaluation in Direct acquisition. Direct acquisition or direct purchase  in our acquisition legislation is not a an acquisition procedure (is not a procedure with evaluation or award criteria, is like when you go for shopping, you buy from where you like). Of course contracting authority should respect the other provisions of the legislation, efficient use of public money, transparency, etc