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When Forest Protection and Economic Renewal Grow Hand in Hand

Acre is experiencing a renaissance of forests with the attendant benefits for its people.  The state has become an emblem of successful deforestation control, restoration of degraded lands, and economic inclusion. In recent years, other Amazon countries have begun to learn from the transformation of Acre.

The Amazon biome ranges over nine countries, with 60 percent of the rainforest located in northern Brazil. Colombia, Peru and Brazil together contain 83 percent of the Amazon. This largest continuous rainforest is also home to about 33 million people, and it sequesters about 70 billion tons of carbon, benefiting the entire planet.

A series of recently approved GEF Grants to Brazil (USD $60.3 million), Colombia (USD $21 million) and Peru ($27.3 million), are supporting the implementation of strong protected areas and forest restoration activities to enhance livelihoods.  

Government representatives from other Amazon countries, Colombia and Peru, witnessed first-hand how the World Bank-supported PROACRE works with isolated and marginalized communities, providing them with health services, technical assistance, tools, and supplies for small scale agriculture and forest conservation initiatives. Families with health plans increased from 15 percent in 2008 to 78 percent in 2017, for example.

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