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Upcoming BBL Events on Behavior Change Understanding User Needs in Developing Clean Stove Technologies

Created by Xuege Lu
June 166, 2015 | 12:30 PM | MC 7-860

Understanding consumer behavior and contexts of use is a backbone of product design in competitive markets and a portal for new possibilities. Insights into what people value, their interests, their social worlds, and cultural influences can lead to unexpected solutions and innovations, increasing the chances for a meaningful product and its sustained use.


As part of efforts to promote the uptake of improved biomass stoves at a large scale, the Indonesian Clean Stove Initiative has invested in experimental approaches to better understand end users’ needs and preferences and to assess the performance of technologies and products in their intended context of use. This work has explored pathways to shed light on the social and cultural aspects of technology adoption to complement technical performance tests on emissions and thermal efficiency. The overall objective of the work has been to contribute to making the clean stoves better aligned with end users’ preferences, thereby increasing the probability that the stoves will actually be used on scale and over time.



Sponsored together with:

GP SURR (Global Practice for Social, Urban & Rural Development)

GPOBA (Global Partnership for Output-Based Aid)

Energy Access



Helene Monika Carlsson Rex - Senior Social Development Specialist, GSURR

Laurent Durix - Infrastructure Specialist, GEEDR

Yabei Zhang- Senior Energy Economist, GEEDR

Juana Veronica Guillermi Mendizabal Joffre - Consultant, GENDR





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