AgriFin’s is a special initiative to increase access to financial services for farmers and agribusinesses. The program focuses on activities that promote knowledge sharing and networking among financial institutions globally.

AgriFin uses its growing global network of bankers and other FI professionals, to capture and disseminate knowledge in order to strengthen the capacity of financial institutions to serve agricultural clients. 

AgriFin promotes knowledge sharing and networking by offering free membership for agricultural finance professionals, organizing regular learning and networking events, and sharing widely knowledge products and practical tools on agricultural finance.

Key AgriFin activities include:

  • Annual AgriFin Forum to promote banker-to-banker learning and networking. 
  • A free Webinar Series featuring guest speakers who share lessons on a range of agricultural finance topics.
  • Study Tours through which bankers can visit other financial institutions and deepen their knowledge on commercial agricultural lending.
  • Resources and Tools from AgiFin projects with financial institutions in Africa and Asia.
  • Technical Summaries which are synopses of key agricultural finance publications.
  • Field Lessons highlighting lessons learned by field practitioners on agricultural lending.

The initiative is supported and managed by the World Bank.



Public collaboration platform to share resources, publications, knowledge materials and to exchange ideas, discussion questions, and food-for-thought in the area of agriculture finance.