Africa Impact Evaluation Workshops
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Amitsinh Vaghela Founder Director of Earth Carbon, online portal for climate change solutions . Measuring ,Managing and minimising are three base pillars for any climate change problem. We provide online programs where customer can measure there footprint, adopt solutions suiting their budgets. All solutions installed, monitored and maintained online. We follow CDM methodologies, SDG Goals, Local Country INDC's & Certifications to encourage customers in participating local to global initiative. Customer can say good bye to local grid, sewage and water connections from local authorities. This services becomes secondary in long run.
Annette Scarpitta Annette Scarpitta has worked with Sub-Saharan African education and gender-integration programs for more than 10 years. Priding herself on impacting vulnerable communities, she believes that increased economic growth must include developing and growing capacities of everyone - particularly women and girls. She is Founder and Director of Rwenena Kids of Hero Women Rising. Serving a remote village in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwenena Kids provides education to vulnerable children. The program includes literacy training for mothers and leadership training for adolescents and young women, as well as community sensitization for all. Ms. Scarpitta contributes to gender-integration program design and develops informed theories of change for sustainable impact. She provides consulting services for organizations, including cross-cultural communications facilitation to avoid costly missteps.
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