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Raghavendra Nagathan THE COMPANIES ACT, 2013 COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF ANJANI RENEWABLE AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED 1st. The name of the company is ‘‘ANJANI RENEWABLE AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED". 2nd. The Registered office of the Company will be situated in the State of Maharashtra within the jurisdiction of Registrar of Companies, Pune. 3rd. (a) The objects to be pursued by the company on its incorporation are:— 1. Manufacturing, Trading, Sale, Purchase of Solar energy products, Installation of Renewable energy project. Lease and development of land. Agriculture plantation and establishment of agri processing industry and hospitality services, Infrastructure Development, Civil Contractors, Builders.
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catherine miceli Catherine Miceli earned a BS in Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering from The University of Connecticut. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Connecticut and New York. As an Environmental Engineer at Ex-Im Bank, I evaluate the compliance with applicable environmental and social guidelines of applications for financing. Evaluate complex environmental and social issues associated with projects, including, air quality, water quality, biodiversity, management of hazards, toxic materials, and hazardous wastes, natural hazards, socioeconomic and socio-cultural issues, ecology, and noise. Apply professional educated judgment in cases of limited information. Develop the criteria to screen and review transactions to assure that the major elements of the underlying project are environmentally and socially sound. Review and approve Action and Management Plans. Provide guidance and opinion to Board of Directors.
Daniela Villar A qualified Civil Engineer with over 9 years of in infrastructure project experience. Her experience comprises design and construction supervision in roads, road safety experience in building infrastructure. Previous experience in a variety of positions including, Team Leader, Project Manager/Civil Engineer, Contract Manager, Highway Engineer. Daniela has been closely involved in working on projects with large international financing institutions and multi/bi-lateral development cooperation agencies, including the ADB, AfDB, World Bank, SDC, IDB and IADB. She has experience in technical studies appraisals & surveys, detailed designs, project management, construction supervision (including contract administration, risk assessment, budget control). Also, she has good knowledge in the field of technical audit and forensic engineering. As a Road Engineer, Daniela supported the coordination of field survey and quality assurance, conceptual design and preparation of cost estimates for the Design and Preparation of bidding Documents for a Countrywide Roll-out of the OPRC – Region III in Zambia. In Guyana as a Civil Engineer, she supported the preparation of Bill of quantities, development of technical report and the review of design drawings for the upgrading of 25+ km of the East Bank Demerara Highway (Grove to Timehri). She has experience using Red Book FIDIC condition of contract for works of civil engineering construction. Daniela is currently engaged as a technical expert for the SDC project to Backstop the development of Safe School Construction guidelines in Myanmar as well as a Case study Researcher for the development of a process-based guide on how to develop local-level recovery frameworks. She is also the UK based Project Manager of the ADB Transport Sector Flood Recovery Project in the Solomon Islands. Since 2016, he has been extensively involved in performance based road contracts (OPRC) projects which include design, preparation of performance contract documents using WB sample OPRC documents and monitoring of construction.
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